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The week in links N°3 partage de la veille technologique du diiage

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the week in links 3


Les étudiants alternants au DIIAGE sont en veille technologique permanente. La scrutation des médias technologiques fait partie intégrante de leur formation professionnelle. A ce titre, nous avons mis en place une collecte hebdomadaire d’un ensemble de liens portant sur des actualités technologiques liées à nos domaines d’apprentissage et d’expertise. Le DIIAGE est heureux de vous partager ce travail réalisé par des étudiants et des intervenants de la formation.

Students on work-study programs at DIIAGE are constantly on the lookout for technology intelligence. Scrutinizing the tech media is part and parcel of their professional training. To this end, we have established a weekly collection of links pointing at news in technologies that are related to our fields of study and expertise. We, students and professionals at DIIAGE having collaborated on this collection, are happy to share our work with you.


#range #teams

Introducing Range for Microsoft Teams by Dan Pupius


#azure #dotnet #serverless

Azure Static Web Apps with .NET and Blazor by Aaron Powell



SOLID: Software Design Principles in 2020



4 Ways To Make Your Pull Requests Faster To Review by Gustav Wengel


#system #windows

Demystifying the “SVCHOST.EXE” Process and Its Command Line Options by  Nasreddine Bencherchali


#Dapr #SideCar

Sidecar Pattern in Action – Microsoft Tech Community by  Shankar Ramachandran


#Azure #Deprecation #Dashboard

Issues · azure-deprecation/dashboard (


#Polly #Resiliency

Don’t Let Your .NET Applications Fail: Resiliency with Polly by Dmitrij Kovaliov


#git #tutorial

Learn Git Branching


#CQRS #Brighter #Darker

Brigther Get Started

Moving work Out-of-Process using Brighter and RabbitMQ by CodeOpinion


#ef #dapper

Is Entity Framework Core Quicker than Dapper? by David Grace


#php #windows

Malheureusement Windows ne prendra pas en charge PHP 8.0 by Yohann Poiron



Avoiding Kubernetes Anti-Patterns by Sophia Parafina



Vue → How to send multiple parameters to :on-change event on a v-select component by Tony Mucci


#IdentityServer #OSS

The Future of IdentityServer  by Dominick Baier


#git #security

Code scanning is now available! by github


#Blazor #Wasm #Performance #best-practices

ASP.NET Core Blazor WebAssembly performance best practices by Steve Sanderson

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