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The week in links N°1 partage de la veille technologique du diiage

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veille techno du diiage

Les étudiants alternants au DIIAGE sont en veille technologique permanente. La scrutation des médias technologiques fait partie intégrante de leur formation professionnelle. A ce titre, nous avons mis en place une collecte hebdomadaire d’un ensemble de liens portant sur des actualités technologiques liées à nos domaines d’apprentissage et d’expertise. Le DIIAGE est heureux de vous partager ce travail réalisé par des étudiants et des intervenants de la formation.

Students on work-study programs at DIIAGE are constantly on the lookout for technology intelligence. Scrutinizing the tech media is part and parcel of their professional training. To this end, we have established a weekly collection of links pointing at news in technologies that are related to our fields of study and expertise. We, students and professionals at DIIAGE having collaborated on this collection, are happy to share our work with you.



The day I understood CORS by Lorie Pisicchio



Let’s compare the CLI experiences offered by AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform by Richard Seroter

Computer Stuff They Didn’t Teach You #10 – What is the Cloud? Soft and Fluffy Edition by Scott Hanselman


#CQRS #Mediator

CQRS and MediatR in ASP.NET Core by Code Maze

MediatR: Why should you use it? by CodeOpinion


#arm #Iac #bicep

Introduction à Bicep by Lucas de Carli



What we learned after a year of on Kubernetes by  John Jarvis

you need to learn Kubernetes RIGHT NOW!! by Network Chuck

An introduction to deploying applications with Helm by Andrew Lock

Azure Functions Running in Kubernetes by Azure Tips and Tricks



Getting Started with RediSearch 2.0 by Tugdual Grall



JS for..of and by Gabriel Dix


Polymorphism in Typescript by Hugo Nteifeh



GitHub CLI 1.0 is now available by Amanda Pinsker



Microsoft announces new Project OneFuzz framework, an open source developer tool to find and fix bugs at scale by  Justin Campbell, Mike Walker


#free ebook #event Driven design

Designing Event-Driven Systems by Ben Stopford


#free ebook #devops 

Effective DevOps—Building a DevOps Culture at Scale by Jennifer Davis & Ryn Daniels


#.Net #.Net5 

Announcing .NET 5.0 RC 1 | .NET Blog (

ASP.NET Core updates in .NET 5 Release Candidate 1 | ASP.NET Blog (

Announcing Entity Framework Core (EFCore) 5.0 RC1 | .NET Blog (


#EntityFramework #EF

Better Tagging of EF Core Queries by Phil Scott’s Postings


#vscode #debug

Debug Visualizer by Henning Dieterichs


#WSL #System 

Access Linux filesystems in Windows and WSL 2 | Windows Command Line by Pierre Boulay



Java : Oracle migre OpenJDK vers Git et GitHub by  Darryl K. Taft



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